Topic Modeling

How a gaming company gained fresh insights from unstructured data analysis

A gaming company engaged StatCore with a broad brief:

  • Like many businesses, they realised that they had access to mountains of data that could be used to inform their decisions, but didn’t know how to harness it.
  • Some managers internally understood this, while others wanted a clear demonstration of the value of data analytics.

StatCore consulted with a range of staff at different levels throughout the company to gather structured and unstructured data from as many sources as possible. Some valuable data sources had never been touched by analysis; one example of this was online conversations with live customer service representatives.

By using a machine learning technique called Topic Modelling, StatCore was able to draw out key themes that were raised most frequently by customers in their online chat. Although some themes came as no surprise, others highlighted flaws in the customer journey that were previously unknown and were easily remedied.

Machine learning was also applied to a labour intensive data analysis task that the company carried out quarterly; StatCore automated the analysis and saved thousands of hours of work for the in-house team.

StatCore proved the un-tapped value of data analytics to the business and inspired the company to invest further in its analytics infrastructure.

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