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Targeting your marketing budget towards customers with the highest propensity to buy your product is the conventional method of increasing sales.

However if you want to see your Return on Investment (ROI) really go through the roof, marketers should change their strategy. Instead of asking whether customers will buy something if they’re contacted, ask whether the customer will buy only if contacted.

Uplift modelling strips away the presumption that all sales can be directly attributed to marketing efforts, acknowledging that some customers would have purchased your product even without persuasion. By incorporating a measurement of the behaviour of a control group that has not received marketing messaging, one can more accurately identify which marketing tactics are reaching the persuadable target customer and delivering incremental sales.

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Tony is a first-rate statistician and econometric modeller with keen technical understanding and excellent communications with non-specialist audiences. He quickly became a valued member of the team and made a significant contribution to our work. I would thoroughly recommend him to others.


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Senior Manager, Group Marketing, Lloyds Banking Group

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