Data Science

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Data Science

Your customers produce data every moment of their life; website visits, product purchases, in-app behaviour, email interactions, social media activity and offline channel interactions such as store visits- every key stroke is now recorded. Most businesses hold fragments of data about their customers on multiple, stand-alone systems. StatCore specialises in turning all this data into powerful, actionable insight that will boost your business performance.

The data you hold may answer questions like

  • Why am I losing sales in a particular area?
  • Are customers really satisfied with the product’s quality?
  • Can we predict the characteristics of high lifetime value customers and identify them early in the customer journey.
  • Given a customer’s past browsing history, purchase history and other characteristics, what are they likely to want to purchase in the future?

These are basic questions and sometimes we think we know the answers, but evidence gained through data science could surprise you.

StatCore are experts in the following open source software

  • R/Shiny
  • Python
  • SQL


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In the words of our customers:

Data Science

Whilst I needed a data scientist who was really curious about data, I didn't just want someone who knew the technologies, coded well and produced colourful insights. I needed someone who was personable with stakeholders, looked for opportunities, evangelised benefits, demonstrated value and excited the business about the data they own. After appointing Tony I was chuffed to see that he is that man. He is has helped me greatly with the continual challenges of evolving the culture at Rank to become more and more 'Data Driven'.

Data Science

Brendon Ambersley

Head of Analytics at Rank Group

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